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How Will Digital Marketing Change in 2022?

The last couple of years have drastically changed the digital world. The pandemic has forced people to move advertising and marketing campaigns into full gear to compensate for the lack of physical foot traffic. As a result, the world of digital marketing has shifted from mom-and-pop stores to major brands competing for ad space and email deliverability.

Now old school marketers are having to learn new techniques to leverage the buying power of online sales. Considering SEO drives 1000% more traffic than organic social media, the learning curve is pretty high. The business world and e-commerce have been tested. Those unable to keep up with the modern consumer's demands are bound to be left behind as their market shares are cannibalized by new competitors.

With that in mind, we present a few benchmarks of what we anticipate the digital and internet marketing world will look like in 2022.

Content Marketing Transforms

Motivation means everything with content creation. With more companies leveraging online marketing, the movement from content marketing to content selling will be imperative to the New Year. Companies will base ideas on the campaigns and design content around those campaigns instead of letting the content stand on its own.

Think about Disney and the synergy of the 1990s. When a new IP is created, all merchandising, ride operations, marketing, and messaging support that new property. The same will be true for content selling. Companies will now measure the impact of content marketing on the amount of sales that content drives. This will be end-user content meant to close, not just drive traffic.

Tailor-Made Digital Marketing in Phoenix, Arizona

For years we have watched as marketing agencies have supported more bespoke solutions that meet consumers' specific needs and desires. The reason for this is because people are more likely to click on ads that are served with tailored messaging.

This trend will lead to digital marketers crafting hyper-relevant ads that target specific markets and audiences. The more they can focus on particular demographics, attributes, or shared ideals, the better they will serve ads that should break through the rest of the marketing noise. The online competition for new sales has grown exponentially since the pandemic, and it has no signs of slowing anytime soon.

Digital Marketing vs. Digital Advertising

This change will be more of a 1, 2, punch compared to previous years. Digital advertising will continue to be sales-driven but will get even more personal with its targeting for future consumers. The more a company knows about its potential buyers, the more it will customize its ads.

Digital marketing will leverage data-driven psychology instead of pure theory. Internet marketers will consider the long game of maintaining a high customer relationship and introduce bespoke RPA solutions to enhance every consumer touchpoint with the company's brand identity.

Analytics and Tracking

As more emphasis is placed on consumer desire, more money will be spent on data analytics tools and tracking software. This will be way more advanced than the simple grocery store loyalty program that may save the consumer a few bucks. This will be an all-out assault on blending every piece of collected data together to use intuitive bots for predicting future interests and sales.

To put it simply, the power of the dollar is going to determine the future of business. The more consumers spend money on eco-friendly and socially aware companies that display an outward appearance aligned with those beliefs, the more the business world will shift its culture. That means digital marketing in 2022 will be a two-way street. One direction will be the data of all consumers, the other will be the adaptation of agile and flexible businesses. Those that cannot react fast enough will likely lose out.

Content Marketing and Strategy

Look for more businesses to increase their presence on social media and the places where their consumers are congregating. They want to engage in a caring and organic way without losing their goal of increasing revenue. The underlying strategy will move towards a better understanding of the customer based on proven data analytics.

How to Prepare

The best way for your company to emerge unscathed from the past couple of years is to ramp up your digital transformation. Start integrating new RPA and bespoke solutions, including a fully immersive, mobile responsive, and high user engagement website.

One of the best places to find a new website is through our expert team at Desert Fox Creative. We are a digital marketing agency focuses on search strategy and leverage modern SEO techniques to build a customized and immersive website for your clientele. We will listen closely to your brand identity and needs to ensure you have an attractive landing page for your customer base to shop, learn, and participate. Reach out today to receive a free proposal on how they can revolutionize your online presence.


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